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What is Ruffink?

RuffInk is a single-person San Francisco-based freelance design shop. I specialize in print or digital graphic design primarily for marketing efforts. I approach design by looking to find the balance between the functional and aesthetic. That balance allows me to create the smartest and simplest design execution appropriate for the target audience.

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Who is Stacy Harvey?

With over 15 years of advertising and marketing agency experience behind me I launched RuffInk in 2012 so I could work with a variety of clients on a wide array of projects. I have a BA in Journalism from Loyola University and a MA in Publication Design from University of Baltimore. When not behind my computer, you can usually find me hiking, skiing or on a tennis court.

What's with the name?

The name RuffInk was dreamed up in 2005 when I toyed around with launching a wedding invitation design business. At the time, 'Ruff' was my last name and thought 'Ink' was a clever word to insinuate both a company (inc.) and a design medium. Fast forward seven years when it came time name my freelance business, I still liked RuffInk, so I kept it.